Helicopter navigation
This is the fat boy: the big bad, bold and beautiful, heavy-set and hard-to-miss USP. Go ahead and click the menu. If you’re on a tablet, laptop or desktop, you’ll see the unique way the site is navigated. Mobile users will see a clean, neat alternative layout.
In-built music player
Roktopus Scrapbook is a perfect theme for bands and musicians. Its in-built music player uses SoundCloud to stream a playlist or artist feed, controlled via a custom interface in the menu-bar. The site allows visitors to navigate through all of your pages and blog posts without interrupting playback. The music player has a number of options for showing its pop-up playlist, including the original SoundCloud player.
Choice of six design schemes
Six distinctive schemes to choose from: blackboard, graph paper, ivory paper, plain white and plain black. You can also specify the position of the main menu, the title bar’s shape and side of the screen, and the shape and style of the music player controls. This demo showcases the six design schemes in 16 set configurations (including the alternate backgrounds). Using all the options, there are over one million viable permutations.
Custom CSS and custom code
For both serious coders and those just dipping in their toe, the theme features a custom CSS box, which you can use to adjust the look of all aspects of the site. Custom CSSYou can also drop in blocks of code to be incuded in the header and footer of the site, such as Google Analytics, as well as any special Javascript to fire when the site loads pages and posts asychronously – crucial for the smooth working of certain plugins.
Social media icons
Easy-to-add social media icons supported for the following platforms: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Skype, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube. (Facebook and Twitter are shown on this demo, along with an email link, which is scrambled to stop spammers harvesting your address.)
Two widget areas
Add widgets to the main title bar or to blog posts.
Custom backgrounds
If you’re not keen on any of the backgrounds that come with the eight in-built design schemes, you can upload your own. Try searching for seamless textures online, like these nice ones here, or be creative: make it a treasure map, a pool table, a stone wall or a starry sky, or, for bars and restaurants, use a photo of the wall of your own premises. Custom backgrounds can either replace the entire site background, or the individual pages can appear on “islands”, using their original background, with your custom image behind.
Featured page images
Featured images on each page of your site allow you to add customised headings or decoration above or beside the title of each page, for example the octopus on the home page here or my little robot friend on “The Roktopus Family”.
Built with Underscores
Roktopus Scrapbook is built on the impeccably written Underscores framework. All of the fancy helicopter stuff happens client-side, so it won’t affect crawlers’ ability to index your site. This means good news for your SEO.
Optional logo
Add your logo to the top of the title bar, as I’ve done here. You can then select whether to show or hide the title and subtitle below it. With a transparent title bar and a menu at the bottom or far side of the screen, your logo alone hovers in the top-left or top-right corner of the screen. (Or at the top-center on mobiles.)
Some people just love a nice hard copy. Can users print pages from your Roktopus-Scrapbook-based site? Yes they can. (And the results look clean, simple and beautiful.)

…and some limitations

Because Roktopus Scrapbook loads all your site’s pages onto the screen at once, it isn’t really suitable for sites that have more than, say, 20 pages in the main navigation. So if you’re planning on setting up the next Amazon, it probably isn’t for you.

It also loads the pages asynchonously, using AJAX techniques. This can mean that certain plugins, especially those which use client-side scripting (Javascript) won’t function as they should. This can be remedied by entering reload codes in the box provided in the theme’s Appearance menu. Many such codes are already well documented, as they are also used for plugins such as the Advanced AJAX Page Loader, and you will also be able to find out answers via the forums at Roktopus.net. However, if you’ve any doubts as to whether this is the right theme for you, please just get in touch and I’ll be happy to assist.