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With the look of high-quality paper, and (in this example) a weathered old paper title bar, the ivory skin will suit artists, illustrators, writers and businesses with a sense of craft and heritage (think whisky, beer or wine).


Wood textures suggest tradition and nostalgia. This skin will be a good choice for folk and country musicians, or pubs and bars capitalising on old world charm.


The blackboard skin has two distinct intended uses. It can mimic the kind of specials boards and menus still seen in every other local restaurant, long after the invention of color printing and wipe-clean laminated menus. Or switch the font to a handwritten style and the nostalgia-compass swivels back towards early-schooling and childhood.


Like its white counterpart, the black skin offers a clean, modern, minimalist look. It's also a great basis for adding your own textured backgrounds. With the alternate backgrounds employed, the page backgrounds become translucent, giving the freedom to use any background texture at all behind them.


Like the black skin this takes a minimalist approach, and is also great for ading your own backgrounds. Note how all the demos here have different menu, title and music player layouts. All these options are available in every skin, giving you millions of possible combinations.

Graph Paper

The graph paper skin speaks of science, engineering, discovery and learning. It might suit a school project or a quirky new app or software product.

This demo is not displaying animations because the framerate on this device is too low. Sad face.